Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Challenges and Rewards

I can't imagine myself doing anything that didn't involve schools, students and learning.

In my career I've taught students from Years 1-12, mentored pre-service teachers and worked with my colleagues as a peer and as a leader.

It's always challenging. It's always rewarding.

Sometimes we can get bogged down in the negativity just like all jobs. But teachers have the added bonus of working very publicly. Their work is constantly under the microscope, out of context, by the media. That makes it hard.

But when you have that student who comes up to you at the end of the lesson and says thank you, or the parent who calls just to tell you that their child is enjoying your class, you remember why you teach.

As teachers we are in the unique position of working with many children everyday. Some we get to know better than others, but the common denominator is that we affect all the students around us. They are learning from us, and we're learning from them.

When they see something in a way you've never thought of before. When you have to consider a point of view that you hadn't come across. When they've challenged you to step outside of your comfort zone...you're learning from your students.

And when you give them the same opportunity...they're learning from you. And it's more than just what's in the textbook.

This poster was constructed using Stampin Up' My Digital Studios' Designer Series Paper Back to School - 2 and Embellishment Back to School - Red Mixed Ribbon. The font used is Stacked.


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