Sunday, 23 June 2013

Finding the right image...

As teachers we know how important it is that images are sources appropriately for use and that we have permission to use them. The sites below link you some easily accessible Creative Commons sites. My Creative Commons board on Pinterest has some great resources to give you a better understanding of what it all means.

Photopin - this site has images under a Creative Commons licence that you can use to brighten up presentations or on your resources.

CC Search - this is a library of sites of images that you can use under a Creative Commons licence.

TinEye Labs - this is a collection of Creative Commons images that can be sorted by colour/s. This is definitely my favourite place to look.

It's important to use the right licence with the image that you have used. At the following site Creative Commons Licence Builder you can utilise the tool to build the licence you need. We must set the right example for our students as well as recognising the work that others have done.

You image, when used, would look something like:

photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc

Title created using Ampergram iPhone App.


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