Saturday, 8 June 2013

Favourite Blogs #1 - Venspired

About 2 years ago I was using Google to look for inspiration when I came across a blog by Krissy Venosdale, an American teacher.

Her blog is Venspired.

What initially grabbed my attention were the posters that were on the blog.

All her posters are generously available for teachers to use in their classrooms. Take advantage of this. They are fantastic. The posters are inspiring and resonate with you. Sometimes they provide you with the words you're looking for to speak to students, or about teaching generally.

You can access the posters at the following link: 

I worked back through her blog posts and was encouraged by her writing. She speaks to teachers across the world; teachers who seem to facing the same problems about policy and change while trying to do the best and what's right for the students in their classes.

Some of my most recent favourite posts include:

You Just Can't Put a Price On It

What Powers Your Classroom?

We may not really wear capes, but...

This last post has my favourite posters ever - I Teach: What's your superpower?

Venspired is a blog worth following for many reasons. Add it to your feeds.

To Krissy,

Thanks for being the catalyst that started me on my journey with technology and design. Your inspire me and I love seeing that there is a new post from your blog. I never know what you're going to say next, but I know that I will either always agree with you, be inspired to try something new or think about something differently. Your posters adorne my office and classroom and have been used as gifts for many of my colleagues when they need inspiration or a pick me up.



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