Tuesday, 25 June 2013

School funding matters...don't stay silent...

In Queensland, there is a battle being fought between those who want to see better school funding, more resources and support for kids in schools and those who want to see Tony Abbott as the next Prime Minister.

So what does it all mean.

The numbers are easy.

$3.6 billion for Queensland schools.
A 65%/35% split - Federal to State share.

87% of this funding will go to  Queensland's State (Public) Schools.

Why do they get the Lion's share?

Because they are so dramatically underfunded. This money is only bringing us up to the OECD average. If that's what's required to bring us up to the OECD average, then which countries are beating us now! Mexico, Brazil, Denmark, Chile, Estonia, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland...

This is shameful. The Queensland Government need to think about what this means.

For teachers who are doing incredible things in schools - with drastically underfunded resources - imagine what you could be doing!

We can't let this continue. Other states are signing up. Why is Queensland ignoring the needs of students.

The Queensland Government talks about only finding the information about Gonski now. They lie. They have been in negotiations since September 2012. They have been talking to the Federal Government since 2012.

The State Education Minister said he'd sign up to Gonski if there was a 50/50 split. Well...it's a 65/35 split. They're better off! And they still won't sign up! Another lie.

The Queensland Government says that schools will lose under Gonski. The only way they could lose money is if the Government has plans to cut funding - so they are announcing to all that they intend to further cut funding.

We have to keep fighting. This is the biggest challenge Queensland's public schools have faced. It means 87% of $3.6 billion for our students in our schools. This is about giving them access to support staff, programs, time, resources, facilities...what they need to have the best education they could possibly have.

What are you doing? Are you involved in the Gonski Campaign. If you aren't get involved. It's so important. It's about the future of schools and students. Visit the I Give A Gonski website.

Sign up. Get involved. It's not too late.

Martin Luther King Jr said "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter."

Gonski matters. School funding is important. We can't stay silent about something this important  It's about our kids.

This poster has been created using Stampin' Ups My Digital Studio DSP: Back to School - 12 & Stamp: Autumn Elements Flourish - 1. The font used is KG Chasing Pavements.


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