Thursday, 20 June 2013

Favourite Blogs #2 - Schoolgirl Style

Classroom design is something that as a secondary teacher I have done haphazardly or just didn't consider carefully.

This was partly because I was never in the same room. I jumped around the school depending on timetabled classes. I tried to make the room suit the class, putting up their work and posters etc about the topic they were studying, but sharing the space meant that I had limited room to accommodate other teachers and their class in the same room.

Recently I have spend more time in the same room with more than one class of students. I stumbled across the Schoolgirl Style blog early on as I began to develop my knowledge about technology and design.

Quite simply it took my breath away. What great ideas to bring structure and beauty to your classroom. This blog also has designs that would suit all age groups. In 2014 I look forward to utilising the Chalkboard Charm Classroom design. I know it would suit all ages up to Year 12.

This blog began a few years ago, and the creator's profile developed so widely that she now works for a supplier in America instead of in the classroom, and can devote her time to creating wonderful classroom designs. What a cool story.

Have a look around her blog and get inspired. The Schoolgirl Style shop is available from the blog itself. For a small amount you can really set up your room...start thinking about what your room would look like next year now...


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