Thursday, 20 June 2013

We're not making robots...

One thing that really concerns me is the international discussion about teachers being paid or assessed simply based on their student results.What frightens me is this idea that schools are simply a business - an enterprise where students are churned out at the end attached to a test score.

None of it takes into account what teachers actually do and what students do while at school. Sure, if we were making robots, then paying teachers on their ability to build robots might be suitable.

But we're not making robots.

We're helping young people to grow and develop. We work with our students to give them every opportunity available so that they can do what they want to at the end of their time at school.

And it's not easy. Family circumstances, learning styles, interests, backgrounds, personalities...they all play a role. They can't be ignored.

What needs to keep happening is simple. Teachers need to work with their students so they can achieve the best results they can.

There is no right answer here. There is simply what is best for our students. Nothing else matters.

This poster has been created using the Stampin Up' My Digital Studio. The Designer Series Paper used is Storytime No 30. Fonts used are KG Primary Penmanship Lined and KG Behind These Hazel Eyes.


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