Sunday, 7 July 2013

Data has a place, but...

Data has a place. It can provide us with a guide about our students.

But it shouldn't just be a single test like NAPLAN.

It shouldn't be out of context like MySchool.

Data is part of a really big picture. It can't be seen in isolation. A student isn't just the data we have about them. They are an individual who is influenced by and comes from things we can't see.

If we were to concentrate on one exam on one day to make a determination about a student, we are failing the students and we are failing our profession.

Good teachers go past the data. They ask questions. They learn about their students. They connect with them beyond the data.

Now...if we could just get policy makers to realise that data isn't the only thing...actually there are more important things.

This poster was created in Stampin Ups My Digital Studios with DSP Storytime 4 and Font KG The Last Time.


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