Monday, 1 July 2013

Pinterest 4 Teachers

I love Pinterest. I enjoy looking at what other people have found on the web and thinking about how it could impact on and influence my own teaching.

That an idea someone has had can be so relevant for something I am doing with my students. Or an idea that could influence me to change what I'm doing; to make things more engaging for my students and ultimately for myself.

Teachers are so creative. We bounce our ideas around to come up with new ones. Most of all I love how collaborative we can be. We share with each other. Lots of our ideas and the resources that are attached are being shared at no cost. When people are charging for their resources to supplement their incomes, they aren't doing so at outrageous prices. We don't work in isolation. We work together to get the best results for our students.

Teachers are collaborative.
Teachers are creative.

It's great to have such a great tool that can really build on these characteristics.

So how do you use Pinterest?

When I originally started with my Pinterest account it was to identify resources that my students could use. That I could share these with them to support their learning. I knew they would then be able to take the next step and build upon these, pinning new ideas that I could then grab as I followed them, and that ultimately we'd all share.

Then, I had over 500 pins and not many boards. I remember sitting down one night and editing all my boards to come up with a new approach. More boards, more specific categories that I could use so that it would be easier in the long term to find what I was looking for.

Now I'm constantly looking for new ideas for classroom design, classroom resources, technology, well as things for myself. There are boards I have created that won't be relevant for everyone. This works in the reverse as well. I noticed this most clearly when I saw that I was getting lots of wedding dresses and hairstyle pins in my home feed. You can still follow people, just not all their boards, (unless you want to).

The thing I've noticed is how important it is for me to have a clear idea about what I want to see in my home feed. I've tailored who I'm following to support that.

But that's not everything there is to find on Pinterest. Using the search tool, I like to look for boards around the topic I'm looking for e.g. Printables. When I type this in I select the option boards, not pinners or pins. Other people have already done a lot of the work, putting relevant items on their 'Printables' boards, so it is easy then to identify those that look interesting, and to go in and repin the items that are relevant for me.

Every now and again I also go in to look in one of the categories e.g. Design or Education. Here you can find other resources that you might not have come across before by people you don't follow. It can really broaden your mind and you understanding of what's available.

With my blog I make sure that I am able to use an image for each post so that it can be pinned. It is so exciting when in my notifications I can see that someone has pinned my resource or poster. I am please that it is useful for others. That perhaps they can take something away from it, that they can learn from it. Because that's what it is all about. It is about sharing our knowledge, our resources, our ideas to learn from each other.

It's because as teachers we can never cease to learn.

Now I have 48 boards with 2405 pins. I have some great resources that I will always be able to find, and there are some items that are there for a rainy day.

The background in the image above is from Inspiration Hut and the font used is KG Payphone.


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