Saturday, 20 July 2013

Queensland Kids Need Gonski

I simply can't understand it. 

Surely there are some things that as a society we have to get behind. 

Public health, so everyone has access to health care.
A safe working environment so they go home at the end of the day.
Well-resourced schools, so students have the best opportunity to learn.

Aren't these basic human rights.

So why can't Queensland sign up to the best school funding arrangements in Australia's history.

New South Wales signed up.
South Australia signed up.
Tasmania signed up.
The ACT signed up.

Independent schools have signed up.

They have put their students first.

Why can't we? Aren't our students worth the best.

Queensland is playing politics with our student's future. Why? Because they obviously don't care. They don't care if students are better supported in the classroom through more human and physical resources.

Extra literacy and numeracy support. More teachers who are specialists in English as a Second or Additional language. Smaller class sizes. Better classroom resources.

What a difference Gonski would make for our students.

In Queensland we're going to have a two-tiered system. Independent and Catholic schools will have Gonski. The majority of Queensland students in State Schools are being punished by an elitist, uncaring Government.

What schools do the majority of LNP politician's children attend? 

Good governments look after their people. 
Bad governments attack their people and destroy the public service. 
The most vile and despicable of governments neglect the children in their care for the sake of petty political posturing. 
The Queensland Government is the latter.

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