Sunday, 21 July 2013

Subway Art

Have you noticed the Subway Art on Pinterest. Yesterday I jumped the gun a bit. I began writing this post, but became a 'bit' upset with comments made by Queensland politicians about Gonski, so the Subway Art I was making morphed into yesterday's post.

But what I was going to do was look at Subway Art.

Subway Art is typography, or a way of arranging words into a visually stimulating piece of work.

I really like words. I guess that's because I'm an English teacher.

I think sometimes that using a few words to describe something can be really effective when you're getting your words across. It can't be cluttered. It needs to be clear and succinct.
So as time goes on you might see me playing around with some Subway Art.

I have a few examples on my Pinterest site on my Printables board and on the Posters in the Classroom board.

The first place I ever saw Subway Art was the site, Eighteen25, which has a huge range of Subway Art for important dates as well as other topics. They are all free and might be something that inspires you.

I have also noticed that it has been used in a number of places as a way to present classroom rules. So I've had a go at doing something for my classroom. I always have the same set of rules.

To make these pieces I use Photoshop CC.
  1. I open a new document, using the A4 layout.
  2. Then I insert a text box to the size of the page. 
  3. I then justify the text in the paragraph.
  4.'s a bit of playing around to get the size of the text right. I'm still working on the colour is something I need more practice in.
  5. I then save it as a .jpeg.

Next, I then import the image into Stampin Ups' My Digital Studios where I add a mat and a drop shadow to the image. I think it makes it stand out.

The fonts I have used are KG Next to Me Solid and KG Next to Me Sketched (I'm kind of in love with these fonts at the moment...)

There is also an app that makes Subway Art as well. It is an iPhone/iPad app called Textagon. You can make something on your device and save it as an image. I use Textagon for my Favourite Blog titles so that the post can be pinned on Pinterest.


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