Thursday, 4 July 2013

Using Twitter

So...I'm new to Twitter. I'm trying to find my way with it as a social media tool. It's something I have a lot to learn about.

I went out and bought Lynn C Schreiber's "learn twitter in 10 minutes: The quickest way to learn to tweet". It did take 10 minutes on the bus, and I find I keep going back to it...

Currently, I find I'm using Twitter for two things.

The first is to keep up to date with things that are going on. The latest AFL scores. What is happening on the political stage. What announcements have been made. 

The second way I'm using Twitter is to make comment during meetings and conferences (where appropriate) and to make comment about politics and education in general. To tap into what Education Ministers are saying, what's happening at #Gonski. I'm using it to have a voice in education debates and policy.

What I'm noticing is the immediacy of Twitter. I find myself 'in the moment' and using my 140 characters only to think "should I have said that". Twitter is quite reactive for me at the moment and I'm trying to be more strategic about what I'm using it for. I'm thinking that being reactive is quite dangerous. I don't want to regret something I have said.

But what do you use Twitter for?

From looking at the people I follow, I can see that there are a range of things that Twitter is being used for.

They tweet their blog post links, (something I'm trying out). 
They retweet things that they have come across and found useful.
They make a memory by tweeting about where they are and what they're doing. 
They tweet a photograph to share.
They link to a news article that they think is important.
They recognise someone's work.

How would we use Twitter with our students? How do we protect their identity and make sure that they are using the social media appropriately in their class?

Do you have any ideas you'd like to share? I'm asking for your help. I haven't really started to think about Twitter use in class yet - I'm a real newbie.

I'd like to see what others do to get a better idea before I take off with Twitter in my classroom.

I am going to spend some time researching what's online about using Twitter in class, but I'm more interested in the real stories. What teachers are already doing and how effective it is.

Share your own practice by leaving a comment below or getting in touch with me @nvrcease2learn. 

I want to learn more about Twitter and how it gets used in class. Are there teachers you know who are doing great things with Twitter. 

I know that Venspired is a place I'm going to look at. Krissy Venosdale discusses in a number of her posts how students in her class engage with students in other states and countries through Twitter. That sounds like a great idea.

I'm looking forward to broadening my knowledge about Twitter so I use it more effectively.

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