Friday, 23 August 2013

Are apps taking over my life...or making things easier?

A few years ago I had a solid 60 minute drive to and from work on average. I wanted a way to make use of the time, so I began listening to audiobooks.

A favourite is Bill Bryson's "A Short History of Private Life". I can still remember the point on the trip when I heard about the electrical box and how electricity rolled out in New York.

Audiobooks have become a staple driving item for me. I have travelled the world and learnt about a lot of things including "A History of the World in 6 Glasses." And...time does go by more quickly.

I have moved over to Audible. I subscribe for one audiobook a month with others at a lower cost. An Amazon company, it works with my kindle too.

So what does this all have to do with whether my life is ruled by apps or not?

It's simple. Looking for the Audible app on the iPhone, I double clicked to get the run of apps that are open across the bottom of the screen and began working through them to find Audible.

I was surprised...actually I was gobsmacked at just how many apps I had used from 7 this morning when I arrived at work and had last listened to the Audiobook, until I left was ready to listen to the book on the drive home that afternoon.
I do pretty much everything in my daily life through apps. And this list doesn't take into account a lot of other apps I use on a daily basis either, that I hadn't today.

My life is represented by apps. My banking, organising meetings, answering emails, writing posts, taking photos, searching for new ideas and stimulation, finding out what is happening around the world and the list goes on.

Is anyone else coming to this realisation?

Are apps taking over my life? More importantly, is this a bad thing?

It wasn't until I thought about it that I realised that I was using my laptop to do all of these things, and still are, but that having the device I use whether it was an iPad or iPhone was changing the way that I did things sometimes. 5 years ago it really was all about my paper diary and my paper not so much. Everything is synced across devices so I am not trying to find that lost piece of paper as often.

With my life now basically organised by apps, it makes me wonder just what things will be like down the track. What will 2018 look like? Will it be apps or something else?

I remember being really excited last year when Audible became an app I could use on my phone. It doesn't jump around like my iPod when I accidentally bump something. 

And I have found myself there an app for that?

I have to admit that in recently putting up a shelf in my house, I did use the level app...much to disgust of my helper who had to go and get a real one...

I guess I am really OK about apps taking over my life in this way...

I wonder what the next technological instalment will bring and how it will change how I think and work...


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