Sunday, 11 August 2013

Do I want this to be the focus of my entire day?

We can get so caught up in the reactive nature of schools.

The event that comes out of left field during the lunch break that throws the day into a whirlwind.

The parent complaint phone call.

The lesson that has gone badly.

How do you turn it around? How do you get things back on track?

I have a poster up in my workspace. It says "Do you want this to be the focus of your entire day?"

And it works. I say to myself. 

"No - I can't do anything about this right now. I have other things I can work on. I need to put this over there until I can deal with it at the right time."

It's that gentle reminder for me that I can't fix everything right there and then, and that it may not always be my role to do so.

There is a lot going on in our schools. Things that have been forced on us that we don't agree with. Things that occur because of events outside of our control.

We have to understand that we can only affect the sphere in which we operate. We have our own sphere of influence and we have to choose what we can and can't work on. 

As teachers we can't do everything. We have to help our students build up the skills and knowledge in order to do things for themselves as well. There will always be a crisis that might contribute to a doomsday philosophy amongst our students. We can't fix it.

We can't change people's minds when they are making decisions out of their own personal interest. We have to choose what to focus on so that our work-life balance is sensible. If we don't our students suffer. 

Remind yourself...

Use one of the prints below, or make your own.

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