Monday, 5 August 2013


One of things that I love and hate in equal measure is reading drafts that are submitted by my students.

I love reading what they have done. I can see learning on the paper. Their ideas developing.

But I hate it when it's their first ideas on paper. When the student hands me something that is their first attempt. They left it until the last minute, scribbled something down and came up with a few ideas.

Because it isn't the best use of my time. I'm proofreading. I'm not able to give them feedback to ensure that they are building on their ideas to improve their writing.

I want to change how my students see a draft. I want them to be handing me a piece of paper that is more than their first attempt. I want to see them show development of ideas.

Peer support for drafting is something I want to ensure is occur at the earlier stages so they can have some feedback, but I want my students to see 'draft' as submitting their 'final copy' for feedback.

I want to change the language.

They deserve an opportunity to have feedback on their best work.

I deserve an opportunity to always be reading their best work.

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