Monday, 19 August 2013

Myths About Teachers Project

Join with me over the next 10 weeks as I work to debunk 10 Myths About Teachers.

There is a lot of misinformation about the work that teachers do. Instead of sitting back and just listening to the same old, same old, I want to try and provide a different perspective. Every Tuesday I will have a myth that I believe is important enough to debunk.

This isn't a whinge-fest. Instead I am taking an opportunity on my blog to provide a different viewpoint.

There are two jobs I feel confident talking about. One is being on a checkout at a major retailer, and one is teaching. Why? Because I've done both jobs. I have an understanding of them.

I am not qualified to sit back and make judgements about anyone else's job, because I don't do that job.

I ask that when you read these posts, you consider that the opinions are those of a teacher who wants to share the reality of their work with others and that perhaps you consider your judgements and opinions before you simply believe what I see as 'myths' about teachers.

And while I have my 10 myths, I know that other teachers might have their own. Share them with me. I'd be interested to see if we have the same thoughts or if there is one that I haven't considered already. Leave me a comment.

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