Thursday, 5 September 2013

Design Resources #1 - Creative Market

There is so much out there and available for us to access to 'pretty' things up or to make a statement with our work in classrooms. I think I'll take a break from blogs of the week to share some design resources for a while...

This year I have fallen in love with "Creative Market".

Why...well for starters they release 3 freebies per week. In Australia, they come through early on a Tuesday morning. The best for me are the free fonts and the images/backgrounds. This week they have "Groovy" font...nice.

But there is so much more. I've said it before; we have lots of very talented people in the world. 

On "Creative Market" designers share their products, and they aren't all that expensive. So why is this good for teachers.

They have lots that will interest you..

I love Mr Chalk. I've used it on designs before.

Today I saw their "Back to School" range (obviously in the US...we're getting closer to our holiday break). There were some fantastic items.

Check out these when you go to the site.

Hand drawn book clip art...lots of potential there - $5
Back to school cute characters - $8
Mr Chalk (of course) $19

And the best part is that they come with a "Creative Market" simple license. You need to read the fine print, but essentially this means you can use them in products you create. 

And once you've bought it, then it stays in your account.

They give you the opportunity to make your own stamp on your work - just keeping things that bit different...


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