Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Twitter as a Search Engine

My search engine of choice is Google - basically because my browser of choice is Google Chrome.

But in my learning journey with the use of Twitter, I have found that I am starting to use Twitter more to search for things.

An example would be the school closures announced yesterday. I wanted to know as soon as possible which schools were going to be closed. It was on Twitter very quickly and I was able to get the list which was then verified in the online newspapers.

You know how much I like free fonts. I have now taken to using the hash tag #freefont when I've read all the Twitter posts on my homepage. A list comes up from a range of sources, many who I don't follow, and I can go from there to the links that are being provided to find out new things. 

It's definitely another way that people are marketing themselves online and trying to get their products out there.

You get some hits that aren't useful (kind of like any search engine really) but there are always a couple of gems.

Other search terms I'm using are:

- educational technology

- #designresources

- #educhat

What I am finding really interesting is the idea of hashtags. People actually identify as the person who came up with the hash tag. How cool is that!

In the learning journey I have been on I keep finding new things I haven't engaged with before on Twitter. After this post I am going to go online and look for more resources about how to use Twitter. My learn how to use twitter in 10 minutes book didn't go past what I needed to begin using it. And that's all I needed at the time. 

I think Twitter has a lot of potential to engage and collaborate with others. There are pitfalls, but if we are careful it can help us to engage with a much wider audience. That has to be a good thing.


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