Monday, 23 September 2013


I really hadn't quite realised how much of a slave I had become to my phone. When an email came through I would hear the alert on my phone and drop everything to go and see what it was. Sometimes it was important and sometimes it was the latest deal on at KikkiK.

So one day, I made the decision to turn the alert off my phone.

And let me tell you what a difference that made to my life. I still check my emails - about 20 times a day; not the 75-100 times whenever an email came through on my phone.

It is freeing actually.

So I started to think about where else I could free myself.

Do you notice that little message at the bottom of emails? Please click here if you want to unsubscribe. Well...I've started clicking it.

I am actually surprised at some of the emails that I have been subscribed to that I don't know anything about. It's easy to make a decision about which ones I want to keep and which ones I don't. My work inbox is also not filling up as fast and that's always a bonus.

I am choosing who I want to receive information from. I am taking control back.

So I made a decision - if it doesn't add value to my day, I'm going to click unsubscribe.

And that got me thinking. How much of our day are we dealing with things we'd rather not. Being given a task that has absolutely no real use except a compliance test. Getting stuck in that conversation with a colleague who sees everything as half full and never wants to see another point of view. When you're losing control because you have lost focus of what is important.

So I realised, I could unsubscribe from that too...I could make a decision not to engage in that conversation; to not put all my effort and energy into the newest compliance measure because I know I'm already doing my job well. I can take back control.

This poster was made in Stampin Up's My Digital Studio using the Embellishment What A Day - apple and fonts KG Beautiful Day and KG Flavor and Frames 1.


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