Friday, 20 September 2013

Wisdom from Twitter and TED Talks Education

Sometimes we just can't say things as well as others. That is why there is such a huge following I'm sure on Pinterest for Quotes and Sayings.

Reading through my Twitter feed this week I came across this tweet from @venspired who is someone who I love to follow.

And I realised that it wasn't enough to retweet this; I needed to do something bigger. I wanted to share it so that it could be spread further than the followers I have on Twitter. It needed to be on the blog; it needed to be on Pinterest.


It says everything that I'm feeling. I, like many teachers, can't understand why our classrooms are having creativity, problem solving and learning removed and replaced with strict processes and curriculum that leaves no room for the things that create life long learners.

I've heard reports that our new Federal Minister of Education thinks we should go back to textbooks and just ignore this technical stuff; that kids should sit in their seats and learn while the teacher teaches.
We know this doesn't work. We know that the best classes are the ones where the students are engaged and thinking for themselves; the worst classes (hmmm Yr 11/12 biology when I was at school) are when you have to sit and copy things down off the board, there's no discussion, no explanation. The attitude that if you write something on the page you'll learn it. 

Haven't we moved past this attitude yet?

Our classrooms need to be places where we're engaging our students in learning. They have to want to learn. And we have to want to help them learn.

I recently was shown the Rita Pierson TED Talk "Every Kid Needs A Champion" which I've embedded for you below. If you haven't seen it, please watch it. It hits the nail on the head. As teachers we know what works; we know why kids don't learn. But we have to put up with decisions about education and schools being made by those who only worry about the bottom dollar or who aren't interested in education.

I was really inspired by Rita Pierson and saddened earlier this week when I saw that she had passed away. Your influence will continue through your TED Talk and I know that I will continue to share your words with my own world. Thank you.

There is an essay by Rita that is also powerful. Have a read.

The poster was created in Stampin Up's My Digital Studios using Embellishment What A Day - paper airplane and font KG Alphabet Regurgitation.


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