Friday, 18 October 2013

A classroom is a place for...

What is your classroom a place for?

What does it look like?

Classrooms are a place for teaching and learning... 

But the important thing is that it goes both ways. It is a place of teaching and learning by students and by their teachers.

Teachers who learn from their students can build better relationships with them. They can develop their skills with their students to meet the needs of their students.

Good teachers remember that they can always learn new things. 

That's the kind of teacher I want to be. In my classroom I want to teach my students and have them teach me. I want to learn from my students and they learn from me and each other.

This poster was made using Stampin Up's My Digital Studios DSP My First Day and Stamp Amped Up Ampersand - ampersand header. The font is Stacked.


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