Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Aussie students deserve better.

The last few days have once again shown just how Australian students and children are regarded by the Australian government.

They don't matter.

It's OK to lie to them and to their parents.

The needs-based funding model, a well-researched model, that was agreed to by some states, (who with that decision showed how much they genuinely cared about their children) with the Commonwealth government would have meant targeted funds to all students in all schools with additional dollars for students from areas of disadvantage.

I find it absolutely shocking that such a model can be argued against.

It should be about funding all our schools so that all students have targeted resources to support their learning. No matter their background all students should have the opportunity for the best education possible.

Teachers shouldn't be trying to make up the difference with money from their own pockets to buy the resources that are needed so that students have what they need to learn.

There should be more staff in schools not less to ensure that all students have targeted support like literacy and numeracy teachers, like ESL teachers and real guidance officers and counsellors with genuine qualifications who can support students.

The Gonski $$ would have provided these opportunities.

Any idea that there is another 'better' funding model, most especially the proven failure of the Howard SES model which was only intended to put money into one sector of schools is a farce. This model doesn't address the needs of the sector with the majority of students or the majority of students with learning needs or who come from disadvantage.

The way we treat our students and our children reflects on our entire society. I for one am shamed by the Federal Government's decision - to lie to the Australian people and to short change the students in our schools.

I think Nelson Mandela puts it most appropriately and it's a reminder to those making the decisions that their decisions reflect on all Australians.

It's time to stand up. Do we as a society care about our children's future...or don't we? Time will tell.

This poster was created using Stampin Up's My Digital Studios using DSP Beautiful Today - 4 and embellishment Do Your Best - chalkboard. The font used is KG Be Still and Know.


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