Thursday, 17 April 2014

Inspiration Cards for Teachers

Twitter has really become an integral part of my Professional Learning Network in the past 12 months. I am learning so much from other educators who I interact with through Twitter and hope that I too am contributing to the wider discussion.

The training wheels are coming off in a big way at the moment as I've built up the confidence to start conversations with others on Twitter and to ask questions. 

One account I have recently begun to follow is @TeachersJourney. Tweets from this account have introduced me to an American educator Robert John Meehan. His book "The Teacher's Journey" has so many quotes that inspire me and resonate with who I am as a teacher.

You can read more about Robert John Meehan and his work at the blog "The Teacher's Journey".

So many of the quotes that are being put out through Twitter have inspired me and made me think more about my role as a teacher, and how I as a leader in a school can inspire the staff I work with everyday.

I came up with the following idea - have the quotes available on a daily basis to remind me about the important things I need to focus on when I'm getting bogged down in Administration, and also to help me to pick up my staff when they come to me feeling low. So I came up with the idea of having quote cards which when laminated would sit on a small artist's easel that I could change over the course of a term when I or one of my staff needed a pick me up. I have chosen 15 quotes to start with that I enjoyed reading.

I have created a PDF file that you can download here that you use to cut out your cards. Alternatively, you can access the quotes at my Flickr page and print off the size that suits you.

You can then simply cut out the cards and laminate them. I am really excited about this project idea and can't wait to get back to school to my trusty laminator to do it myself, but as soon as I have, I'll post a picture for you. I thought the easel would be an easy way to keep them on a stand but if you have other ideas about how you would display your cards, let me know.

Chalkboard backgrounds have been purchased through Creative Market and are part of the 2 Lil Owls Studio Chalkboard Tutorial and Texture bundle

The font used is Lunchbox Slab and was purchased with a commercial license and can be accessed at


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