Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Why Read?

A fundamental skill that underpins all student learning is reading. Good readers are better spellers and writers. They have better comprehension skills.

It doesn't matter what classroom a student is in, they will be required to read. More importantly, they need to understand what they're reading.

As a first step I'm trying to highlight why it is important for my students to engage with reading. To get them interested and excited.

Using Stampin Up's My Digital Studios, I created posters with reading quotes that are important to me. Quotes that provide students with other viewpoints about why we read.

Using the posters as the base, I then developed these bookmarks as an Easter gift for my students instead of chocolate.

I was pleased to see how popular the bookmarks were and that students were swapping them with each other to get a quote that they preferred. As the posters had been up in the classroom for some weeks, they had already identified which ones they liked the most and chose those bookmarks as a reminder.

You can access copies of the posters here. The base of the bookmarks can be accessed here.

All the posters and bookmarks have been developed and created using My Digital Studios Storytime Digital Kit. I hope you enjoy them as much my students and I have.


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