Thursday, 11 September 2014

You're Not Just A Teacher

I did it again.

I was buying a cup of coffee on my way to work and was in conversation with the two ladies serving behind the counter.

"What do you do?" I was asked.
"Oh, I'm just a teacher" I replied
"Don't say you're just a teacher" the barista told me. "My friends have just started teaching and I can't believe how exhausted they are. They work so hard."

And you know what. She was absolutely right.

Why do I say "just" a teacher.

I'm more than "just" a teacher.

I am so proud of what I do. I work hard. I do amazing things. My job isn't mundane. I don't just do anything.

I engage students. I challenge them. I work to extend them. I get them out of their comfort zone. I help them to see the world differently.

I'm not just anything!

But I'm not the only teacher who says that. Why do we put ourselves down? Why don't we recognise the amazing work that we do? The multi-faceted work that teachers do? The various roles that we fill for our students.

I'm not just anything.

And neither is any other teacher out there!

This poster was created using Stampin Up's My Digital Studios Embellishment Playground Project Life 3x4 - 42 and fonts KG Ten Thousand Reasons, KG Lego House, KG Makes You Stronger, KG Wakes You Up, KG Alphabet Regurgitation.
 embellishments/Playground Project Life 3x4 - 42


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