Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Grammar Posters

My "Ideas for Grammar and Punctuation" board on Pinterest has been growing and growing.

Recently I had one class of my students write a practice narrative for an upcoming exam. We had concentrated on how to use descriptive language, dialogue, paragraphing, character development. It was evident from the drafts that they had generally utilised these appropriately.

What they didn't do well, was use appropriate grammar.

When asked about it, common responses included

"We know we should have used a capital letter at the start of the sentence but.."
"I can see that I should have used three sentences there instead of one big long one but..."
"Full stops? Yes I know where they go..."

However they didn't do it. They knew about it, but couldn't be bothered.

In a real assessment item, this means significant problems as the meaning of the students work is affected, and can be difficult to read. Without clear grammar, punctuation and spelling, it doesn't matter how wonderful the descriptive language is - you can't see if for the errors.

So I went back to Pinterest. What could I use that had been shared to support my students. There are some very clever people around who have distilled some complex ideas into easily understood concepts to allow students to access the information more easily.

Key websites that I have used to build my Grammar Tips Posters included the following:



These posters can be downloaded as a PDF from my Dropbox.

Visit my Flickr page for images that can be downloaded in various sizes.

They have been created using Stampin Up's My Digital Studios with the font Castor One.

It hasn't been my intention to breach copyright or the intellectual property of any person or site. If you have any concerns, please post a comment below and I will rectify the situation immediately. 


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