Sunday, 22 February 2015

Promoting Reading

Promoting a love of reading among my students has become a primary project of mine.

I currently have a range of student-friendly posters up around classroom from a previous post.

Now I would like to have some specifically to share amongst my staff, with key messages. I want them up in our resource room, not only to brighten the space, but also to remind them that we need to promoting a love of reading with our students.

Each of the posters below are available as .jpeg and .pdf files.


Click on the image above to download from my Flickr account. Click here for access to a PDF copy.

The font used in this poster is Cucho Bold. Images are from a Kelly Jane Creative collection. Both have been purchased with a commercial licence.

While these quotes are focused on books, my message to students through my staff is that that our students just need to read. It doesn't have to be a book.

It can be anything: a magazine, a comic book, a newspaper...whatever is going to spark their interest. We have to be explicit about finding the right text for them to read. We need to talk to them and find out their interests. We need to find ways for our students to share their interests and recommendations.

I will be sharing some of the strategies I'm trying out in future posts.

As a start though, I'm having the poster below put up in classrooms. The four simple steps to reinforce what they need to do to "read for pleasure".

Click on the image above to download from my Flickr account. Click here for access to a PDF copy. 

This poster has been created in Stampin Up's My Digital Studio. Fonts include KG Alphabet Regurgitated and KG Primary Whimsy. The embellishment is from the Storytime collection.


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