Sunday, 22 March 2015

Keep Learning

Being open to learning is important.

For a teacher it is even more so.

I can get so passionate about the topics that I am teaching and want to share that with my students. I want the, to be as passionate as me.

But that isn't always the reality. My students aren't always as passionate as I am about what we're studying.

And they don't have to be - I know there is a lot that I can learn.

Today I visited the David Lynch exhibition "Between Two Worlds" at GOMA.

I always attend the exhibitions at QAG and GOMA because I like to learn about different kinds of art. I remember first seeing Ai Wei Wei's work and falling in love.

I was so excited when I was in Washington years later and saw an Ai Wei Wei exhibition. I really grasp what is happening with his work. I am fascinated by how he portrays our devaluing of history.

Personal Photograph - December 2012

But the most recent exhibition at GOMA...not so much.

But it isn't about not is about not understanding.

I know I have students who would take one look at a drawing or mixed media piece by David Lynch and grasp what it was all about. They would clearly understand his message.

I know students who I sometimes have difficulty engaging with, who I can now begin a conversation with, I can ask them their thoughts about the exhibition and how they relate to it. I can start a conversation about filmmaking, design, art and music.

And I can learn from them.

I didn't walk away from the exhibition thinking - I didn't understand that; it was a waste of time. Instead I walked away from a new experience and an open mind - to learn what I could about different mediums and a different artist. I am happy to learn what I can.

Because really that has to be the first rule of teaching - to keep learning.

This poster was made using Stampin Up's My Digital Studios using Embellishment Playground Project Life 3x4 - 114, Stamps Playground Project Life - apple and 1.25 square punch filled with DSP My First Day - chalkboard.


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