Monday, 5 October 2015


I seem to keep having the same conversation with my students about drafting. Writing something and handing things in at the last minute doesn’t mean that they are handing in a draft.

A draft needs to be something that is carefully crafted and designed. It needs to be almost as good as a final copy and be created so that the teacher can provide feedback to help students to improve.

The message we need to get out is that a draft isn’t the first attempt at something; it needs to be editing, rewritten and edited again. The draft needs to be the fourth or fifth attempt at something. Students who want to do well are students who rework their drafts until they can’t do anything else to improve them. Then they hand them in to the teacher.

So this term, whenever I’m speaking with my students about their drafts I’m going to be using this image - on slides, as posters and on task sheets.

This Drafting Poster was created in Stamping Up’s My Digital Studios and a copy can be accessed through my Flickr account by clicking on the link above.


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