Monday, 5 October 2015

October Wallpaper and Positive Posters

We’ve hit October. Once again, I can go to work when the sun’s up and leave work with the sun up. Going to and from work in the dark always makes things seem so much harder especially in Term 3.

October Wallpaper

I purchased a range of resources from Creative Market and Design Cuts and was having a play around in Photoshop to create some positive posters for my office and to share with my staff. I’ve incorporated one into this month’s wallpaper so that I can continue to be inspired and reminded everyday.

Positive Poster 1

Positive Poster 2

Positive Poster 3

Positive Poster 4
All images can be downloaded from my Flickr site by clicking on the links above.
This month’s wallpaper and posters have been created using the font Manhattan Darling. The images of the animals are part of Lisa Glanz’s Magical Watercolour Animals and Flowers Volume 1 and Magical Watercolour Animals and Flowers Volume 2 and the watercolour texture is part of Nicky Laatz’s Give Me Some Watercolour Textures Quick. All resources have been purchased with a commercial licence.


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