Font Roundup

This is a summary of all the fonts from my blog posts. Click on the links under the image and it will take you to the site where they can be downloaded. Unless stated otherwise, all fonts are free. Be aware of the personal and commercial licences for each.

Favourite Fonts #1

1. Janda Elegant Handwriting; 2. KG Ten Thousand Reasons; 3. Love Ya Like A Sista; 4. Little Days; 5. I Missed You; 6. Over the Rainbow; 7. Scrabble; 8. KG Alphabet Regurgitation; 9. English Essay; 10. Complete in Him

Favourite Fonts #2

Frangipani RoseJanda Quick NoteKG Eyes Wide OpenMy Lucky PennyPP HandwritingKG Party on the RooftopLater Allie-gatorLavender LimePineapple DelightWritten on his hands.

Top 5 Places to Find Fonts

1. Fonts; 2. Kimberly Geswein Fonts 3. Dafont 4. FontSpace 5. FontSquirrel

This was created using Stampin Up's My Digital Studio DSP First Edition - 3. Fonts used are Complete in Him and Set Fire to the Rain.

Favourite Free Fonts #3

Use the links below to access the fonts:
The Radical Sign

Favourite Free Fonts #4

Favourite Chalkboard Fonts and Effects

I have to admit it. I only spent the first 6 years of my career using chalk and a blackboard. After that it was a quick change to whiteboards and data projectors and markers.

I know the reasons for the change, but I don't think I'll ever be able to disassociate from the idea of a teacher, blackboard and chalk.

I like to think of teachers as being at the chalkface...affecting society through their students.

If you've seen anything with design or had a look around Pinterest, you would have seen how popular the chalkboard or blackboard effect is.

I wanted to share with you a couple of my favourite chalkboard resources in case you were feeling inspired.

There's a lot available that you might want to access and have a play around with. The designers and creators who have constructed these resources, or brought the lists together deserve our thanks as our job is easy and we can find what we're looking for more quickly.


There are a few bloggers and designers who have pulled together font lists of their favourite chalkboard fonts.

Check out

Inspiration ~ Chalkboards and Chalk from the Shabby Shoppe blog for a list of free chalkboard fonts;

Lil Blue Boo has a post with a list of their Favourite Free Chalkboard fonts. (For those of you with some skill...this post also has links to instructions to make your own chalkboard effect jewellery.);

The German blog Dreierlei Liebelei has a list of her Favourite Chalkboard Fonts as well...;

My Scrapbook Art provides another list of Free Fonts to use with Chalkboard effect;

The Nest of Posies blog provides you with a list of Free Fonts and Dingbats that look great with a Chalkboard Effect as well;

Carrie Loves provides another list, and with it illustrates the effect that different colours has on her choice of Chalkboard Fonts;

Lisa Moorefield also uses colour to present her fonts to the best advantage with more Free Chalkboard Fonts and further down her post is an explanation about how to artistically present your words..; and

But the motherload comes from The Scrap Shoppe Blog with has a Mega Chalkboard Font Round Up.

There really is something for every need in these lists and on these sites. Have a browse. Pin them and bookmark the pages for later. Download the ones you like.

I also want to mention another font I came across recently. This one does have a cost attached, but it is really lovely and I've used it on the images in this post. It is called MrChalk, and until August 2013, it is available for $10 (normally price is $29). It can be found at Creative Market and is created by HypeForType.

Chalkboard Backgrounds

Do you want to make your own. Sweet C's Designs has instructions for how you can Make A Chalkboard Effect in Photoshop;

Need something pre-made that you can use for your projects? I have three favourite Chalkboard Effect backgrounds that I like to use the most often.

The first is from the blog Foolish Fire which has different coloured chalkboard effects;

The Scrap Shoppe Blog has 8 Coloured Chalkboard black included;

The Latest Find though has my favourite favourites with all different designs, some with borders to enhance your work with Chalkboard Papers.

A reminder to acknowledge the resources you use appropriately if requested on the blog. It's always a good idea to mention where you found the resources.

What are you going to make? I am going to make some certificates for my colleagues as thank you's for their work. I think a a Chalkboard Effect will be perfect.

I'll share them when they're done.

The image above was made with Stampin Up's My Digital Studio DSP Back to School - 3; Stamp Autumn Elements - Flourish 1; and Font "Mr Chalk"

Favourite Fonts #5

More places to find free fonts

Favourite Fonts #6

Select the link below to access the font to download.

Favourite Fonts # 7

This image was made in Stampin' Ups My Digital Studios using DSP Old School - 2; Font KG Primary Penmanship and KG Empire of Dirt and Embellishment Back to School - mixed ribbon.

Famous People Fonts

Jane Austen | William Shakespeare Ernest Hemingway | Vincent van Gogh


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